Every Revolution has a Story. Including Ours.

It started in a crowded airport. H2W Apparel founder Tamara Brunow’s flight was delayed, she had time to kill — and she was uncomfortable.

It wasn’t due to nasty airport food or because a kid was screaming next to her.

Tamara’s bra was driving her crazy.

Frustrated and fed up, she took out a notepad and began sketching her dream bra: A bra that made sense for real women. Not stick figures.

Tamara literally drew a way to take a load off her chest. And that was the moment the revolution began.

H2W Apparel Was Born.

Women’s shapes and sizes are different. Their needs are not.

They don’t want to be poked by underwires, pinched by metal, choked by racerbacks, cut into by shoulder straps and suffocated by too-tight bra designs that barely squeeze over their heads.

They want stylish, breathable fabrics that flatter their figures, wick away sweat and protect their skin. They want comfort.

As a woman who owned her own construction company for more than a decade, Tamara knows how to build things. She understands the value of a good foundation. And she is an expert in putting the right pieces in place, the parts that make the most sense, to make something better.

H2W —happy, healthy and whole — is a movement fueled by the belief that women should feel comfortable, free and empowered, from the second they get up in the morning to the second they crash at night.

Tamara created H2W Apparel to help all women embrace everything they bring to the table (or the yoga mat, paddle board, weight room or grocery store).


So sweat, swim, swagger and swear.  Your body can take it.  And now your activewear can, too!