Life is a Sport.

Finally, there’s a bra that supports your entire life

The New Generation Bra

The New Generation Bra

  • No underwires, metal clasps or hardware anywhere
  • No pain-triggering racerback
  • No pullover style that is a nightmare to remove
  • No more dreaded nipple show-through
New Generation Bra by H2W Apparel - Front View
  • Zip-up front with hook and eye closure for secure fastening and easy removal
  • Support, softness and coverage with our custom molded cups
  • Total Comfort from a patent-pending ergonomic H-Back strap design
New Generation Bra by H2W Apparel - Back View

Life is a Sport. Embrace it with the comfort, function, mobility and support of the New Generation Bra: The only bra you will ever need.

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