What's your problem? Yeah. It's your bra.

You have a problem. Your bra.

With experts claiming that as many as 80 percent of women are wearing bras that don’t fit them, chances are you’re wearing the wrong size, too. And that means you could be suffering from a host of problems – some you’re aware of and a few you’re not – all because your breasts aren’t being supported the way they should.

We already know that a bad bra can create discomfort, as well as neck and shoulder pain. According to a 2015 article in the UK's Daily Mail, an ill-fitting bra can even lead to pinched nerves in the neck, heartburn, skin rashes and headaches. A bra that doesn’t support you can lead to long-term, permanent sagging – which only expensive and potentially painful surgery can fix.

Anything chronic can affect your long-term health. Think about it: A chronic cough, chronic pain – even chronic worry or loneliness can do a number on your overall health and well-being. A chronically crappy bra is no different, whether it’s a frilly underwire or a supposedly comfy sports bra. 

The foundation of H2W Apparel – the very reason CEO Tamara Brunow formed the company last year – is to solve the problems that bras – including sports bras – have been creating for women since the first over the shoulder boulder holders were invented a century ago.

After years of struggling with sports bras that lacked comfort, function and creative design, Tamara sat down with a pad and paper and sketched her dream: A sports bra that ditched the hardware that jabbed into her shoulders and spine; got rid of the underwires that poked into her skin; and didn’t include a racerback that crunched her neck like an accordion. 

 A bra that fit. A bra that was comfortable.

In other words, a bra that made sense for real women who don’t want to book appointments with a massage therapist or a chiropractor because their bras have a negative impact on their health – and their lives.

Say hello to the New Generation Sports Bra if you haven’t already. A lot of women have. Check this out:

“I can't say enough good things about this sports bra- and I am PICKY,” one customer wrote to us. “I am a tricky size to fit – 32DD. I've run dozens of marathons, half ironman, and needed a supportive and comfortable answer.”

 H2W’s sports bras are wireless and have a front zipper, so they are easy to take on and off. They are made with custom-molded fabric that offers both awesome support and a super soft feel. Mesh lining allows skin to breathe, while a real-world ergonomic design encourages neck and shoulder comfort.

Finally, a sports bra created for real women – by a real woman. Tamara designed her line of sports bras to fit breasts and bodies of all shapes and sizes. Most women cannot comfortably wear sports bras for long; they tend to be suffocating, uncomfortable and, in some cases, painful.

The H2W New Generation Sports Bra combines design, function, mobility, comfort, dry-wick fabric, an ergonomic style and zipper-front closure for greater flexibility and ease of wear. As the loyal customer mentioned above noted:

“I LOVE the zipper front – and was very skeptical as I've hated every zipper bra I've tried. No more getting it stuck on after a sweaty workout. This zipper doesn't rub!! It also doesn't rub under my arms. The back makes this so comfortable and supportive. It is now my only choice when grabbing a sports bra. It’s the one I choose for long endurance, high impact (workouts) and even cycling. I can't recommend it highly enough! If you've tried every other bra out there and can't find one that works – this is your answer."

She’s right. H2W Apparel is solving the problems bras have been causing women for decades. We’re changing women’s lives. We’re improving their health. 

We’ve made a bra that will not only replaces your sports bra. You'll prefer it over any bra. 

Stay tuned for more things to come…including bigger sizes and more colors. Watch for updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Want to shop or learn more – including how to sell our products in your retail store? Visit www.h2wapparel.com or email tamara@h2wapparel.com 

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Created on Posted by FemiLuv

Majority of the womens are wearing a wrong size bra, infact sometimes i believe that theirs no standard in measuring the bra sizes is one of the major contributing factor.

Created on Posted by Niela Miller

My favorite bra. Have two of them. Can’t wait to see more colors! One improvement would be to
make the sides slightly higher for us big-busted gals. Also, after several washings, the underneath band loosens but it is still better than most bras out there.

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