Why H2W Apparel is the perfect Mother’s Day gift 

The average American will spend nearly $170 on a Mother’s Day gift this year. Most of that money will go to buy flowers, according to data compiled by the Scientific Brain Research Institute, a California-based group that researches and analyzes compelling trends and topics. 

Here’s something the researchers found that is especially interesting: The majority of the women studied would prefer something other than flowers for Mother’s Day. 

Why? We think it's because most women typically want gifts that are practical. They prefer to receive a present they like, need and can really use. Flowers are sweet and pretty to look at – but they die quickly in most cases. 

Enter H2W Apparel to the rescue. 

Whether you’re a new mother, a grandmother, an awesome aunt or even a pet mom, H2W Apparel’s New Generation Sports Bra along with our Gym + Swim Capris make the best Mother’s Day gift ever. 

GeekMom, a nationwide blog that targets hip, tech-savvy mothers, agreed. It listed H2W Apparel among its list of great gift ideas for Mother's Day. Check it out here

To show our appreciation for hard-working mothers everywhere, H2W Apparel is offering a free pair of Gym + Swim capris with the purchase of a sports bra – OR 40 percent off if you want to buy them on their own.

The capris take you from gym to the lake or pool without riding up or showing everyone your butt crack. Like the New Generation Sports Bra, they are both functional and cute – which as we know is what most women want. 

Our sale will run through Monday morning, so shop now. Enter FREECAPRI at checkout if you buy a bra; if you only want the capris, enter CAPRI40. Treat yo self (or your mom, sister, aunt, bff, etc). 

Being a mother is tough. We love our kids, and they are wonderful – but they also can act pretty rotten. We know this even if we don't have children, because we all have moms we treated like crap sometimes. 

That being said, motherhood is also beautiful and amazing. Just being a woman is beautiful and amazing, despite the challenges we face every single day. 

It's time we rewarded ourselves this Mother’s Day. It’s the one day of the year where moms are freely allowed to put themselves first and not feel guilty or selfish about it. Tell your family to buy you something you really want – or simply buy it for yourself. 

Let's face it: all women deserve more than one day a year to feel appreciated. Hopefully someday. But for now, one day is nice. 

Especially if a revolutionary sports bra and free capris on on the table. 

 Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. We love you all. 

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