Why you need free leggings this Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, H2W Apparel is giving away a free pair of Swim & Gym Capris with every order of one of our amazing and revolutionary sports bras. Here's why you need this offer in your life. 

 1. Because Valentine's Day is about one of our favorite things – love. Right? Love is awesome, whether it's love for your partner, your children or yourself. It's about celebrating what's important. Sometimes free leggings are important.

2.  Because Valentine's Day sucks. Let's face it – whether you are attached or not, the holiday can make you feel kinda crappy. Either you are very aware of your aloneness, or you are very aware of how bad you and/or your beloved are at Valentine's Day gift and/or romantic dinners compared to your friends and their significant others. And wowza, aren't Valentine's Day cards so super expensive? Geez.

3. Because our sports bras and FREE capris make great gifts. If you order today, you may get them in time to give to your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister or friend. GET ON IT! And if not, a later surprise is always nice, too.

4. Because sometimes, you are your best Valentine. And you deserve to treat yourself. Sports bras traditionally have been designed for stick figures instead of real women with boobs and curves. Not ours. What’s more, our Swim & Gym Capris are so convenient. Go from the gym to the lake to the grocery store. Plus, they are cute and fit well.

5. Because you get the Swim and Gym Capris for FREE. Who doesn't like free??? This is a $60 value, you guys. All you have to do is buy a sports bra that you will wear everywhere. That's it. Choose from black or leopard capris. Super cute, versatile and comfy. 

There you have it. Make this Valentine's Day the holiday where you really treated yourself in a way that didn't involve booze and chocolates. Let's face it – that stuff is great. But our sports bras and leggings have staying power. And isn't that what we all want from our relationships on Valentine's Day – and every day? 

Our sale runs through the 15th. Enter FREECAPRI at checkout and we take it from there. 

Happy happy love day, everyone. 

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