Five reasons our Gym + Swim capris are awesome – and how to save $20 this weekend

We know it’s negative 1,000 degrees throughout much of the country, but let’s cheer ourselves up by talking about leggings.

One of the most awesome truths about fashion in 2018 is that the line between workout clothes and regular clothes continues to blur – and what’s not to be happy about that?  

Leggings and capris are as much of a staple of our wardrobes as jeans and tees – only way more comfortable and versatile, especially on days we just want to throw something on and GO.

But there’s another truth out there that is not awesome: Some leggings suck.  Thankfully, ours don’t.

Check out the following reasons, in no particular order, to pick up H2W Apparel’s gym + swim capris – and note a fantastic deal as you read on that will save you $20 if you order a pair this weekend. 

  1. Because nobody wants their butts hanging out every time they bend over. Look, we’re sure you have a super cute butt. And your new glittery thong is probably amazing. But we doubt you want your yoga instructor or your kid’s second grade teacher seeing either every single time you bend over for a pose or to simply pick something up off the floor. Our gym + swim capris will stay put and give you full coverage, no matter what you’re doing. Now you can show off that fab ass during times you want to show it off. We’ve got your backside.
  1. Sometimes, you’re just not feeling your swimsuit. Have we mentioned that there’s a reason why they’re called gym + swim capris? You can wear them at home, the gym and right into the water. Our special SPF quickwick fabric is great for the beach or boating, especially on those days putting on a swimsuit in front of people is the last GD thing you want to do. Bikinis be dammed – and dive right in.
  1. See-through leggings could make you go viral in a Kim Kardashian sex tape kind of way, but way worse because you won’t get a reality show out of it.  Some leggings don’t appear see-through upon first glance, but once your friend posts that group pic of you and your girlfriends standing in the sun, all of you is there for the world to see. Yikes! Many of us don’t wear underwear under our leggings, you know? You could become a meme. Our gym + swim capris cover your assets, seeing you through every move without being see-through. Ever.  
  1. Because wedgies should be left in sixth grade. Is there anything more annoying than having to run around all day pulling your leggings out of your butt or coochy? Fingernails on a chalkboard or running into your ex when you look like shit, maybe, but not much else. Our gym + swim capris range in size from small to XXL to fit every.single.body and every.single.booty. No chafing. No pilling. And yes, no wedgies. You can’t pick your ex, but you don’t have to pick your ass. ‘Nuff said. 
  1. Because you want to look cute. Not only are our gym + swim leggings comfortable and versatile – they look good on everybody. You can wear tons of different tops with them, whether you’re going to the gym, out for coffee or the grocery store. Let’s face it, it’s kinda motivating to do all three when you’re wearing some sweet capris, right? Hell, you could sleep in these babies. Get it, gurrl.

There you have it. Five reasons to try a pair or two of H2W Apparel’s gym + swim capris. If you order between today (Jan. 5) and noon Monday (Jan. 8) you’ll receive $20 off. All you have to do is type in the code LEG18 when you check out.

Also, fancy pants, if you pick up more than one pair or pick up a sports bra too, you’ll get free shipping. Shipping is free this weekend for all orders over $50.

Stand up to wedgies and butt cracks. Join the revolution today!






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